LOS PINARES MUNICIPAL PLANT NURSERY IN TORREMOLINOS is a company owned by Torremolinos Council which already has operational experience. Taking advantage of the company’s physical infrastructure and legal structure, an ideal framework has been established for the development of a social enterprise company such as a Special Needs Employment Centre; and the ideal complement that a Vocational Centre would be.

The important thing for the MUNICIPAL PLANT NURSERY AT TORREMOLINOS is the people. They seek sustainability and social cohesion by offering gainful and stable employment to people of functional diversity (special needs) who are at risk of exclusion.

The company’s differential value lies in its social impact and inclusive nature. It defends the ability of its workers to place high-quality, environmentally-friendly products on the market as well as services such as gardening, external decoration and the sale of flowers and plants.

We are working towards this, and in the not too distant future, we will be able to convert these facilities into a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT CENTRE which will be the first one put forward by a council in the Province of Malaga.

Everything is aligned to Agenda 2030 which considers leaving no-one behind on the path to development and seeks a world in which everyone has access to a productive and satisfying life, benefitting from economic, technological and social progress.